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Carpathian EcoRegion Initiative is a coalition of NGOs and research institutes working towards a common vision for conservation and sustainable development of the Carpathians.
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Membership is open to NGOs, academic and research institutes committed to sign up to the CERI vision statement and accepting the CERI Statutes.
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All support will be used within the CERI vision, for conservation of the unique Carpathian Biodiversity.
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Who we are

A unique international coalition of NGOs and research institutes working towards a common vision for conservation and sustainable development in the Carpathians.

The Carpathian Mountains in Central and Eastern Europe represent one of the most biologically outstanding ecosystems in the world.

CERI was created to stem the loss of biodiversity in the Carpathians and, at the same time, support local economy and culture for the lasting benefit of people. CERI works on biodiversity protection inside and outside of protected areas, in forestry, freshwater, grasslands and species issues relevant for sustainable livelihoods.



covers 7 Carpathian Countries
has 45 member organisations
aims to support the implementation of the Carpathian Convention
acts as a single focal point for communication and coordination of projects and research throughout the Carpathians
strives to implement conservation on a natural scale regardless of political boundaries or other artificial barriers
supports the development of a vision for the future of the Carpathians, taking into account all the biological features, their distribution, and how they may be safeguarded and restored in the long-term integrated with social and cultural factors
Since 1st March 2006 the headquarters of CERI are based in Bratislava, Slovakia.
The CERI Secretariat is hosted by Daphne - Institute of Applied Ecology.


CERI´s vision

„to achieve the long term conservation of the unique nature of the globally important Carpathian Mountains, while supporting its economy and culture for the lasting benefit of people through international partnership“
Member organizations share the CERI vision, which is based on the following three pillars:
To be an independent, self-sustaining network comprised solely of NGOs and research institutes.
To act as a conservation broker between governments, international agencies, local and regional authorities to promote implementation of the Carpathian Convention.
To serve as incubator of a diverse network of projects - and as a data clearinghouse and information exchange for the Carpathians.


CERI´s objective

to lead and coordinate ecoregion-scale biodiversity conservation and sustainable development within the framework of the Carpathian Convention in order to secure long-term benefits in the Carpathians.


Where we have come from

The CERI was originally created as a project by the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme in 1999 bringing together international network of organisations and experts working for the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians. Since 2004, CERI has become a separate legal entity based in Slovakia with national focal points in seven Carpathian countries representing 45 member organisations.
The Initiative created the first cross-cultural biodiversity and social-economic assessment of the Carpathians (The Status of the Carpathians, 2001 ), which helped to generate high-level political support for the sustainable development of the region. The Summit in Bucharest, April 2001, and the signing of the draft framework Carpathian Convention , organized by partner UNEP Vienna ISCC, were significant political steps towards ensuring the goals of the CERI in the Carpathian Mountains.


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